While photography lends itself so brilliantly to landscape and documentary, I am fascinated by the detail of what can be found along the way. I prefer to allow the subject to take on a life of its own and evoke the place in which it was found.

I adore painterly images and abstract form. Inspired by nature and conservation, I enjoy exploring the medium of garden photography: much of what you’ll see on this site is the result of my attraction to the vibrancy of the natural world.

Most of the travel images were shot on film, which I used for nearly 20 years before I finally moved into digital early in 2013. Architecture and urban photography is a new avenue which I’m pursuing further.

Above all, I found freedom in hitting the road to make these pictures. The flowers scream ‘Life!’, the envy of sapphire seas still calls to me more than it should… and I give in, as often as I can. I hope they will remind you of the colour and joy of your journeys too.